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this is my new favorite gifset of Erik

Paging pearlo!

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Michael Fassbender in Shame


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Frank - early digital release available from 1 September

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Put your arms around me /
fiddly digits /
itchy britches

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El Madrid, it’s nice to see ya /
it’s really nice to be here /
I love your wall

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"This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy!" — Michael Fassbender

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Amelia Lester reviews the Tribeca restaurant Bâtard:

“The aggressively relaxed dress code and clubhouse-like atmosphere take nothing away from the sophisticated northern-European food—if anything, it feels just right for now to serve a serious three-course meal, at relatively gentle prices for the neighborhood, without a tablecloth.”

For more restaurant reviews, visit our Goings On About Town hub.

Photograph by Robin Siegal

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9. Just learn to fucking laugh. Really laugh. Laugh until you’re doubling over in hysteria and tears…and then laugh some more
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Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere.
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Participant Media Joins Dreamworks Studios For Steven Spielberg’s ‘Untitled Cold War Spy Thriller’ And ‘The Light Between Oceans’

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